Amazon Aurora MySQL: 6 Benefits, Functions + Use Cases

Do you know what Amazon Aurora MySQL or PostgreSQL is? If not, then read this article to know all about this service. Its advantages, drawbacks, and more.

The world of applications is a complex world. A lot of time, resources, effort, and genuineness goes into creating a world-class application that is admired worldwide for its originality.

Although creating it is a hard job on its own ask any app developer, and they will let you know that maintaining them is an even harder task. Many services are used to ensure your application keeps performing as smoothly as possible.

However, we believe none has a bigger role in the trust of their continuous and constant performance than Amazon Aurora MySQL or PostgreSQL.

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What is Amazon Aurora MySQL?

If you are not an AWS expert, then don’t worry because before we explain to you why this service is regarded as such a highlight and its benefits, we will go over what it actually is.

AWS Aurora MySQL is in itself a relational data engine that is completely managed and MySQL-compatible.

It combines the performance and stability of a premium commercial database with the intelligibility and expenditure of an affordable open-source database.

Amazon Aurora MySQL
Amazon Aurora MySQL

1. Explaining Amazon Aurora

Amazon Aurora is an Amazon Web Services relational data engine.

Aurora engine is MySQL-compatible, which implies that code, apps, and interfaces used in MySQL-based databases could be used in this service with minimum or no modifications.

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MySQL is a free, open-source data management system using Structured Query Language.

2. Explaining MySQL

MySQL is an Oracle database management system that is also built on structured query language. Meaning it is similar to AWS Aurora, but it is just built for another platform.

A database is a well-organized collection of data. It could be anything from a basic grocery list to a photo gallery or a location to store massive quantities of data in a company’s internal network.

3. Is There A Difference Between The Two, Or Are They The Same?

Before we move forward, we know right now you may be confused about what actually AWS Aurora MySQL is. As for the longest time, you would have heard only two terms over and over.

AWS Aurora and MySQL, so what is this? A combination of both, right? Well, your guess is about 80% right, as it is indeed a mixed hybrid of the two.

AWS Aurora has all the features that MySQL offers, only it is at least five times faster. If you want to develop and deploy an application that works like a jet, this is the service for you.

What Are The Functions That AWS Aurora MySQL Performs

Now we know what AWS Aurora MySQL is and how this hybrid of regular AWS Aurora and MySQL operates, the next topic we want to highlight is its function.

The following are the functions that AWS Aurora MySQL can perform for you.

1. Simplifies MySQL Deployment

  • First and foremost, the function that AWS Aurora MySQL performs is that it possesses the ability to simplify your MySQL deployment.
  • This effectively means that if you use this service, you do not have to go through rigorous steps or processes regular MySQL puts you through.
  • Instead, you can just use AWS Aurora MySQL to simplify all of your desired actions. They simplify every step of the process for you and ensure you are working at breakneck speed.

2. Makes MySQL Deployment Cost-Effective

  • One of the worst disadvantages of the MySQL deployment process is that its rigorous nature can make the deployment process extremely expensive.
  • For many small to medium-sized businesses, this can be a problem as the cost is a significant factor in using a service. Hence this is where AWS Aurora MySQL shines.
  • AWS Aurora MySQL ensures that your application deployment is cost-effective and available to everyone. We believe this function alone is worth investing in for this service.

4. Set up, Scale, And Operate Your MySQL Deployments

  • The final significant function of AWS Aurora MySQL is that because of being a completely compatible and integrated service.
  • It can set up, scale, and operate your usual MySQL deployments better than anyone else.

Why Do We Need AWS Aurora MySQL?

Although many reasons can assure you that you need AWS Aurora MySQL service yet, to make it convenient for you, we have identified the most necessary reasons that make this service important and relevant.

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1. To Make Your MySQL Data Compatible With AWS Services

  • The first reason you need to invest in AWS Aurora MySQL service is that it is the only service that can make your MySQL data compatible with other various AWS services.
  • Application development and especially deployments take the services of various AWS services.
  • So if you wish to ensure all the process goes smoothly without a hitch, investing in AWS Aurora MySQL is a must.

2. Provide You With The Fast Speed You Are Looking For

  • The second reason, according to us, why you need the services of AWS Aurora MySQL is the speed it can offer to your application, its setup, deployment, and management.
  • Users nowadays have a smaller attention span than a golden fish; hence, if you want them to stay invested in your application, you need to offer them blazing speeds.
  • And this service is the only service that allows you to have that.

3. Running Your Applications Successfully

  • We believe you need AWS Aurora MySQL service because it possesses all the competency to ensure your application runs successfully at all stages.
  • It can deploy your application and constantly monitor it for progress.
  • If there are any problems, then according to the gravity of the situation, it can identify them to you. If it is on a small scale, it can automatically take care of it for you.

Best Use Cases of AWS Aurora MySQL

The AWS Aurora MySQL is best used in the following cases.

1. It Is Ideal For The Development of Low Workload Application

If you are developing a simple application, then rather than developing it on any other service, you can utilize AWS Aurora MySQL to develop it as it is ideal for low-workload applications.

2. Using It For Disaster Recovery of Your Data

  • The second best use scenario for using AWS Aurora MySQL is for disaster recovery of your data.
  • If your data has somehow corrupted and you think all your hard work is undone, then just remember, according to AWS Aurora MySQL, you should think again.
  • This is because AWS Aurora MySQL specializes in disaster data recovery. Using this service, they create at least six copies of your data and store it in 3 different regions.
  • Hence, your data is always protected when you use AWS Aurora MySQL. Regardless of the situation, it can never be lost, as even if a file fails, another backup is automatically generated.

3. Migrating Large Database Data

The final best use case for this service is migrating large database data.

So if you are transferring deployment-ready bulk data, then just remember this is the service for you to perform your task adequately and competently.

Benefits AWS Aurora MySQL Serves You

The following are the most significant benefits of Amazon Aurora MySQL.

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1. Reduces The Operational Cost of MySQL Substantially

If you are using AWS Aurora MySQL, you can expect to pay one-tenth of what you would have been paying using regular MySQL.

2. Enhances The Speed of Operation Throughout Your Organization

One of the best benefits of this service is its Uber speed. From data transfer to final application deployment, you can do it all, and that too at a lightning pace.

3. Your Application Data Is Now More Secure Than Ever

AWS Aurora MySQL ensures your data is constantly protected on three different levels. Hence, the protection you receive using this service is unrivaled.

4. Availability & Recovery Of Your Data Is Possible At All Times

With AWS Aurora MySQL, your data is protected as it creates at least six copies and stores it in 3 different regions.

Business That Uses AWS Aurora MySQL Service

The following are the business that uses AWS Aurora MySQL Service.

A+E Networks

Aurora MySQL Vs Aurora PostgreSQL

Aurora MySQL Vs Aurora PostgreSQL
Aurora MySQL Vs Aurora PostgreSQL
Aurora MySQLAurora PostgreSQL
In this you will get the option to create a small instance like t3 small that will be cheaper for your pocketsIn this, you will get the option to create a small instance like t3 small that will be cheaper for your pockets
Migration from traditional MySQL is easy if you want basic features in AuroraThis is kind of heavily operational in nature. This provides an option for heavy operation so clearly PostgreSQL is better as compared to other.
MySQL is good in terms of queries.When it comes to complex queries PostgreSQL is the winner and it supports heavy SQL queries.
Good for stored proceduresDoes not support Stored Procedures but very fast with indexing hence fantastic with running queries

Amazon Aurora MySQL FAQs

AWS Aurora MySQL most FAQs.

Q1: Are AWS Aurora & MySQL the Same Service?

No AWS Aurora and MySQL are different services.

However, Amazon Web Services offer you an AWS Aurora MySQL service, a hybrid of both services combined.

Q2: Is It Possible To Transfer Your MySQL Data To Amazon Aurora MySQL?

It is possible to transfer MySQL data to AWS Aurora MySQL because the latter is completely compatible with the previous service.

Q3: How is AWS Aurora MySQL Able To Offer 5X Performance of Regular MySQL?

AWS Aurora MySQL can offer five times the performance of regular MySQL because it is developed by Amazon Web Services, the leader of all web services.

Hence, their service is so much faster than any of their competition.

Q4: Is AWS Aurora MySQL Compatible With MySQL?

Yes, AWS Aurora MySQL is 100% compatible with the MySQL service.

Q5: Is There Any Extra Charge To Using The Service of AWS Aurora MySQL?

No, there are no extra charges for using the AWS Aurora MySQL service.

You get charged for the regular AWS Aurora charges using the AWS premium tier.

Final Thoughts

Amazon Aurora MySQL is one of the best services your applications can use to flourish.

Hence we have provided a comprehensive guide about them which covers who they are, why you use them, and why they are important. What is your judgment about them? Let us know.

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