What Is AWS Batch Processing: Types + Benefits Explained

Do you know everything you need to know about What is AWS Batch Processing from Amazon Web Services? If not, then read this article to learn all about it.

If you own or operate a large-scale business, you can relate to the frustration of mundane tasks you have to perform.

Everyone at a large-scale enterprise wants to spend their time researching and analyzing the latest market development, and now, with the help of AWS batch processing, they finally can.

What Is AWS Batch Processing [Explained]

AWS Batch Processing is an AWS service that allows you to perform batch processes. You do not need to install any tools to manage your tasks. AWS Batch will handle it for you.

AWS batch processing takes care of scheduling and performing your various everyday task so you can focus on the actual development work you need to perform to scale your business to newer heights.

Because frankly, you are wasting your time if you are using your resource to respond to an email that an automated job from AWS batch processing can do for you.

Therefore, if you want to learn how to utilize your resources to their best ability, continue reading this article.

Core Application of AWS Batch Processing

AWS Batch Processing core application can help you schedule and perform various tasks for you simultaneously through various resources.

For example, if you are a business that needs to send out a newsletter to millions of members.

Instead of sending them out one at a time, AWS Batch Processing can schedule them to be sent to all members at the same time simultaneously through various resources and regions.

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Why is AWS Batch Processing Regarded in High Regard

The most significant reason why AWS batch processing is regarded in such high regard is because of the accuracy they provide.

They can help you complete hundreds of thousands of tasks simultaneously without faulting.

AWS batch is the service that professionals from all walks of life, scientists, engineers, and developers prefer to perform tasks at scale without worrying about inaccuracy.

Is AWS Batch Processing The Best Batch Processing Application?

Even though many services allow batch computing tasks to be performed, however, according to the market demand, none have been able to surpass AWS Batch because it is a free service.

You don’t have to pay for AWS batch processing, but the performance it provides you is leaps and bounds better than its competitors, hence, it is regarded as the best batch processing application.

Type of Tasks AWS Batch Processing Can Perform

AWS batch processing service can execute any administrative job you wish to perform; however, its most prominent examples are the following:

1. Schedule A Email/Document To Be Sent At Specific Time

AWS batch service can schedule a document, email, or any other type of data transfer when you want, where you want.

They are incredible because they always execute their job to perfection and have a close-to-nil failure ratio.

2. Run A Diagnostic Through Data To Detect And Eliminate Malware

Another prominent type of job AWS batch processing service can perform is running a health and safety diagnostic through your complete database.

Regardless of how extensive your setup is, this service can sweep through it all and even eliminate it if it detects any harmful malware.

3. Process, Analyze, And Select Information From Data

The final, most prominent type of job this service can perform for you on a scale level is that it can process, analyze, and select information from the complete data.

All you need to do is write a computing code of what you are looking for and what you want to be eliminated, and it will do the rest for you.

Benefits of Using AWS Batch Processing

The following are the benefits of using AWS batch processing service, making it a household name for every tech professional:

Benefits of Using AWS Batch Processing Service
Performance of Mundane Tasks
Do Not Have To Worry About Maintenance of Service
Integration Friendly With Other AWS Services
Free of Cost To Use

1. Saves You Indispensable Time

An undeniable fact of AWS’s batch processing service is that it is popular primarily because of its time-saving ability.

Although this service has the potential to provide you with various benefits, the time-saving ability it possesses is unrivaled and is also the #1 reason why most users use it.

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2. Performs Administrative Tasks For You

One of the core benefits of the AWS batch processing service is that it takes care of mundane administrative tasks.

This allows you to focus on building your application to the best of your ability rather than worrying about distracting tasks.

3. Managed By AWS

Another primary benefit AWS batch processing service serves you is that you don’t need to invest in infrastructure. You use their service as you require, and they are the ones who manage and maintain the service.

4. Allows Integration With Other Amazon Services

AWS provides you with over 200 services. All services are unique, and they cover the complete spectrum of web services any developer might require.

You can do it all by using them, from creating, managing, maintaining, and scaling to deploying. And AWS batch processing service can be integrated with all of them.

5. Pocket Friendly & Useful Application

The AWS batch processing service’s most significant benefit is that it is a free service. You can use it to perform various valuable and essential tasks for your business, and you have to pay nothing for it.

But of course, you will be charged for the services that AWS Batch invokes to perform your operation.

Create AWS Batch Job Queues

So, let us do a small exercise and create AWS Batch Job Queue.

Step 1. Open the console and navigate to the Batch page.

Step 2. Make sure to create the “compute environment” and “scheduling policies” before you go to the next step.

Step 3. Click on the “Job Queues” in the left panel and hit “create”.

Create Job Queue
Create Job Queue

Step 4. Select the orchestration type you would prefer for your batch setup.

Job Queue Orchestration
Job Queue Orchestration

Step 5. Configure your job queue and choose the “Scheduling Policies” and the “Compute Environment” created in Step 2.

Job Queue Configuration
Job Queue Configuration

Step 6. And we are done, we have created our first Job queue.

Job Queue Created
Job Queue Created

AWS batch vs lambda

This is used to run batch jobs at a very large scaleThis service is used for event-driven data processing which takes a short time
Can run thousands of heavy loads efficiently managing the backend compute automatically.Can scale enormously but there is a limit in memory and time
Compute service but manages data at a very large scaleEvent-based computing service but manages data at a small scale.

AWS batch vs step functions

BatchStep Function
Batch is the actual process that processes the dataThe step function defines the steps which invoke AWS services for data processing, so to say its an orchestration service
Use to run batches of heavy loads during offline hoursServerless way to define your flow of data processing

AWS batch vs spring batch

AWS BatchSpring Batch
Runs job for data processingThese jobs can be run in AWS Batch jobs for data processing
A batch job can be used to schedule the application created in Spring Batch for data processingThis is basically the framework that defines the code that can be used for creating the application for processing data

AWS batch use cases

The usage of Batch is for processing huge data. Let us find out how they are used.

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Case 1. Processing data from SAP R/3 sources. SAP data is received in CSV that needs to be processed in batches overnight for loading and processing.

Case 2. Bill settlement, these jobs generally process huge amounts of data like credit cards hence Batch is the most suitable option for this.

Case 3. ETL jobs are the kind of jobs that generally process huge data by extracting from various sources and loading it into data warehouses. So a Batch job is the ultimate choice for these.

Case 4. Batch can also be used to create Job Queues for triggering and scheduling jobs as per your required planned schedule.

AWS batch example

Let us see a few examples of Batch jobs.

  1. Process Order Data
  2. Process finance data
  3. Mainframe data
  4. SAP Data

AWS batch vs EMR

Good for processing structured data and huge dataGood option for processing huge unstructured data
Don’t need any environmental preparation, just put your code in a docker, and the rest aws will take careNeeds a PySpary environment to process the data load

AWS batch Processing Pricing

Batch processing is free, but you will be billed for the resources that the Batch job uses for data processing.

What is AWS Batch Processing FAQs

The following are the FAQs regarding the AWS batch processing service:

Q: What Does AWS Batch Processing Do?

AWS batch processing service allows you to simultaneously perform multiple tasks over multiple resources.

Using this service, you can perform batch computing, which allows you to control your company’s complete database and perform functions at scale as you please.

Q: What are the core benefits of batch computing?

The benefit of batch computing is that it saves you time and energy.

You can utilize these saved resources to perform various other core tasks which can help advance your business.

Q: When Can I Use AWS Batch Processing?

You can use AWS batch processing service when you need a task performed on a large scale level at the same time.

An example of this is sending a mass mail to hundreds of thousands of people simultaneously.

Q: Can I Optimize AWS Batch Processing Tasks?

Yes, the AWS batch processing service allows you to optimize this service to select what or how you want it to perform.

Q: How Much Does It Cost To Use AWS Batch Processing Service?

AWS batch processing service is a free service. All you need to do is to have an AWS account to be able to access it.

Q: Which Sectors Is The AWS Batch Processing Service Used?

AWS batch processing service can perform any task you want, thus being eligible for use in all business sectors.

However, its most frequent usage sectors are finance, science & media.

Bottom Line

Technology in 2022 has advanced to a stage where services like AWS batch processing are available to perform tasks for you which were previously handled by employing more resources.

They can perform various tasks through multiple resources, and that too simultaneously.

This is a significant reason they have established themselves as one of Amazon Web Services’ beloved services.

We have discussed on AWS batch tutorial in detail, and at the end, we would like to know what your perception of them is? Let us know in the comment section.

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