AWS Key Management Service (KMS): Pros, Cons, Use Cases

Do you know about AWS key management service? If you don’t then read about its features, advantages, and limitations hereto learn all about it.

In this day and age of the internet and technology, protecting your digital data from unauthorized users is a must. If we learn about the AWS Key Management Service, we can now manage this easily.

AWS Key Management helps to lock your precious data from unauthorized users by encrypting them into codes and allows you to create a master key that can unlock or Decrypt this data.

It gives you the option to nominate other authorized users who can access it. They can edit, monitor, or rotate this data under your knowledge by creating a digital log of that data access by whom, where, and when.

Explaining AWS Key Management Service

It is an Amazon Web service tool that allows you to generate and control Cryptographic keys and gives you authority to use them on various Amazon services for your digital security.

It is a guarded service that protects your digital keys with hardware encryption configurations that, in continuity, comply with the Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2. 

Management of Digital data

AWS Key Management helps you manage encrypted data stored in AWS Storage so users can easily transit and address data.

It gives you an encrypted master key that secures simple data into cipher data, a problematic code for unauthorized users.

Incorporation with AWS CloudTrail:

As this service is closely integrated with the AWS Cloud trail service, it provides you with the log data of authorized users.

You can easily trace which authorized person has enabled, disabled, created, or rotated data using the master key.

Creation of Cryptographic keys

You can easily create a master key with principal information in plain text that authorizes who can access this data with their duplicate keys according to their permission.

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You can store all essential information in your AWS Storage. AWS Key Management can create a Cryptographic key over that plain data into encrypted data so only authorized persons can access it.

Uses Cases of AWS Key Management Service

The following are the use case performances AWS Key Management offers you.

Organization of digital data

AWS Key Management organizes your secure data most efficiently. You can even protect your data regionally while creating the master key.

For any file you have stored in the Amazon storage, you can create a single access point to manage it under specified control by choosing an AWS Key Management encrypted key.

Authorization of Encrypted data

AWS Key Management gives you the authority to choose among users of Amazon services to manage that information with you.

With your permission, they can alter, delete, transport, and secure that stored data through digital keys with hardware encryption.

Security of Encrypted data

AWS Key Management allows you to maintain and secure data through its watch cameras and inform you about all the activity authorized users have done.

It also protects with its Hardware encryption against the threats of unauthorized attempts toward our secured files.

Reasons to Invest In AWS Key Management

Using AWS Key Management, you can create multiple encrypted locks from the AWS management console over importing, exporting, deleting, editing, and transferring sensitive data stored with AWS applications.

It will provide centralized management with other Amazon services and effortless security assurance in AWS Cloud.

1. Centralized management

Any critical file you have encrypted using the master key will only be allowed to the user you have allowed.

Even if you want to remove that person from access to the master key once their designated work is done, you can terminate their access with your master key.

2. Rotation of the Master key

AWS Key Management gives an option to secure your data as long as you want to save it and don’t want to access it by disabling a key.

In this scenario, your key is disabled, so you don’t have to pay unless you enable it again for encryption and decryption.

3. Audit of key activities

AWS Key Management allows you to check the log of your master key used for enabling, disabling, creating, or rotating your safe data.

Due to its integration with AWS, CloudTrail can watch the activities of authorized users with actions they have performed.

4. Modify the use of key

AWS Key Management allows modifying the use of the master key user. It won’t let you confuse the moderator role, at any point, you can edit the access of users.

This modification option ensures the security of your file and data even in its protected, encrypted form, which makes it twice safe for your applications and business.

5. Economical

AWS Key Management, even with this premium quality service, doesn’t cost you too much you can pay as low as 1 dollar per month for any key you are using created by you for a specific task.

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However, when you disable the same key, it is free to store unless you enable them again for use.

Brands That Use AWS Key Management Service for Their Brands

The following are the major brands that use (Topic Name) service to benefit their business.

The Hartford
Hewlett Packard
Procore Technologies
Anthem Inc.

The Hartford

In Connecticut, USA, Hartford is among the top 15 insurance and investment company.

They use AWS Key Management because it keeps their massive data safe and more secure than anyone else.


Fortanix being themselves, Security Products & Services uses AWS Key Management to control and audit their clients’ data in a centralized manner.

Because of AWS Key Management’s magnetic charm, they use AWS Key Management to provide their services flawlessly.

Hewlett Packard

HP is an American multinational IT company that develops computers and printers and provides three-dimensional printing.

HP uses AWS Key Management to manage its sensitive data efficiently and trusts AWS KMS for its professional commitment.

Procore Technologies

Procore Technologies is an intelligent construction company that uses and provides software apps to check the status of your construction by keeping onsite updates.

They trust AWS Key Management; they get unrivaled storage, security, and performance for their vast service delivery.

Anthem Inc.

Anthem is one of the best Insurance companies in Indianapolis, providing Health products and services, and is affiliated with other health companies to serve millions of people.

They trust AWS Key Management Services to manage and secure massive data without disrupting their performance.

Benefits of AWS Key Management

The following are the benefits of using a Topic Name.

Protection from Unauthorized users

The most significant advantage you will have due to AWS Key Management is that it is encrypted and is too difficult for unauthorized persons to decrypt.

Even if they can decrypt, which is impossible, it will instantly prompt the principal key owner to control the situation.

Accountability of data access

As it integrates with other Amazon applications, the master key Moderator can keep the check and balance data access.

The Moderator can quickly check the log of enabling, disabling, transferring, and deleting information by authorized users of that key through the Amazon-provided console.

Moderator friendly

The Moderator of the master key can easily change or remove that person from access to the master key once their designated work is done.

You can terminate their access with your master key so they cannot encrypt or decrypt the data again.

Drawbacks of AWS Key Management Service

The following are the Drawbacks of using a Topic Name.

Complex to setup

AWS Key Management is quite difficult for users new to Amazon Services, who need to watch many tutorials to learn.

It can be accessed from its specific region due to security; thus, it increases its complexity for the users.

Difficult for beginners

AWS Key Management is difficult for beginners without knowledge of Amazon services who have to rely on their trainer.

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In case of any blunder, it can create a security risk for the client; beginners are working.

Code complexity

If the codes are in Java or Python, they are very complex to understand, even if you are an authorized user.

You need to secure data in encrypted form before sending it to others which is a complex but mandatory procedure.

How to create a key using kMS?

So, now that we have learned many things about KMS. There are two more things.

Point 1. AWS provides its own keys which are called AWS managed keys and that can be used by the users for their applications.

AWS Managed Keys
AWS Managed Keys

Point 2. Customer can create their own keys in AWS and they can use that for their own work which is called Customer Managed Keys. Follow along to create a CMK.

1. Log in to the console and navigate the KMS page.

KMS Home Page
KMS Home Page

2. Click the “Create a key” and navigate to the main page as below.

Key Configuration
Key Configuration

3. Enter the details of the key and tag it as well.

Key Details
Key Details

4. Define the permissions you would like to have for the key you create.

Key Permissions
Key Permissions

5. Add the users you would like to have for the key you create.

Key User Management
Key User Management

6. Check all the details of the Key before you create it.

Key Details
Key Details

7. FInally we have created a CMS key.

CMK Key Created
CMK Key Created

FAQs Regarding the AWS Key Management Service

Q: What Is The Purpose Of The AWS Key Management?

AWS Key Management provides centralized data encryption management to secure your data from unauthorized users

Q: Can We Change The AWS Key Management Keys?

Only the creator of the master key can manage or allows the collection of encrypted data using AWS-managed keys.

Q: How Can We Disable An AWS Key Management Key?

Yes, it is possible to enable and disable the key by the main Moderator of the master key.

Q: Is AWS Key Management Secure?

Yes, AWS Key Management is very reliable and secure due to its hardware encryption configurations that, in continuity, comply with the Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2.  

Q: Does Master Key AWS Key Management Expire?

No, it can be disabled and enabled but not expire during storage.

Final Word

To secure and manage your digital data efficiently and sufficiently, you must trust and try the essential AWS Key Management to protect them from unauthorized personnel and competitors.

Even if you are new, you can learn about the AWS Key Management Service features, pros, and cons by reading this article.

Keep Clouding!!

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