What Is AWS EventBridge: How It Works, Pros and Cons

Do you know what is AWS EventBridge? How can it help your business? If not, read this article to learn all about this service from Amazon Web Services.

First, let us know what is AWS and What Is AWS EventBridge?

What Is AWS?

Now, if you are unaware, then AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, through which Amazon provides unrivaled web services to its clients.

From web hosting, designing, data storage, and everything in between, they offer it all.

Plus, as mentioned above, among all of those services today, we would like to zero in on AWS EventBridge.

What are its benefits, its cons, and some of its most common FAQs? So without any further ado, let’s begin with the 180 billion dollar question, what is AWS EventBridge?

What Is AWS EventBridge?

In its purest form, AWS EventBridge is a serverless event bus that helps feed your application correct commands.

To explain this service to a non-expert, we would like to work with a simple example of placing an order on your online clothing store to buy a t-shirt.

Example of AWS EventBridge

In this example, you own a clothing store that sells a basic v-neck t-shirt in many colors and sizes.

If your website was only selling a one-color t-shirt with one size, then the need for an event bus was not required as your coding would have taken care of the rules of your operation.

However, because you have these varieties available, keeping track of what size customers have chosen, what color they have chosen, what mode of payment they have made and where they want it delivered, etc., is information that is managed by an event bus.

An event bus in this situation holds all the information so the correct command can be followed as per the order details.

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It manages end-to-end operations by integrating with other AWS services and helps you maintain harmony in your business.

Pros of AWS EventBridge

Now that you know what an AWS Event Bridge is, the next subject we would like to highlight to you is the pros they stand to serve your business which has made them so popular with current online businesses. Therefore, these are the following:    

1. Serverless Event Bus Service

  • The first and foremost benefit of AWS EventBridge is that it is a serverless service.
  • Through this feature, they can work swiftly and competently as they can directly connect applications and feed information to only the necessary process.
  • They bypass many holding middle operators who don’t require the information but can cause disruption due to it.
  • In essence, being a serverless event bus allows AWS EventBridge to feed correct information to the correct places, which cleans, sorts, and expedites the whole operation.

2. Pay Only For What You Use

The second major benefit AWS EventBridge serves you is excellent value for money as the event architecture transfer on the event bridge is absolutely free to use.

Plus, you only have to pay if the events have been published on the event bridge, and even that is nominal, with the fee being $1 for a million published events.

3. Extremely Affordable To Use

Another benefit AWS EventBridge possess is being extremely affordable.

Whether it is communication between 3rd party services, AWS services, custom events, or even events to other buses, it has a flat rate of $1 per million events sent or published.

This ensures that they can be accessed by everyone, resulting in a major boom for their business.

4. Compatible With Over 90+ AWS Services

AWS EventBridge is compatible with over 90+ AWS other services, ensuring that it can integrate with other AWS services and make life easy for you.

By performing various tasks on their own, requiring very little to no oversight required from you.

5. Scaling Of Your Application Data Is Handled Automatically

The final benefit we believe this serverless event bus service provides is that it can scale up and down your business decisions according to the situation during rush hours.

This convenience is unrivaled in the market.

Cons of AWS EventBridge

AWS Event Bridge is an industry-changing event bus service, yet we believe it has its fair share of cons that we would like to highlight.

Hence, the following are the cons of this specific server-less event bus without any further ado.

1. Not A Jump Which Was Expected From AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda was launched in 2014 as a serverless event bus revolution. So naturally, when in 2019 Event Bridge was announced, the expectation from it was humongous.

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Although they have met those expectations to a large extent, it hasn’t been the big leap in this technology that everyone expected it to be. Hence this, according to us, is its first con.

2. Limited Amount of Connection Per Account

AWS EventBridge allows only 100 connections per account as its limit. Which in the year 2022 is not sufficient to manage giant-size business operations.

Although it is more than enough for small-scale businesses and can do with the middle tier, its performance lacks to gain control of the mega-companies.

3. Lack of Control on Automatic Scaling

Automatic scaling is considered a significant plus point for event buses as it allows them to manage the flow of information accordingly.

However, we believe that the lack of control it offers you and the more decisions it makes are a con for you.

Through this practice, there is potential for going overboard, which could result in an unwanted bill for you.

How Can AWS EventBridge Benefit My Business?

AWS EventBridge benefits your business in many ways, with its most common benefits being the following.

This event bus distributes information to only the target who needs to be aware of it
AWS EventBridge possesses the power to connect SaaS apps which results in better workflow
Due to AWS EventBridge, you don’t have to focus on custom codes as it performs all those functions
AWS EventBridge provides your life convenience by reducing other services expenses

In How Many Places is AWS EventBridge Service Available?

AWS EventBridge service is available in 6 continents and 16 regions, with the specific regions being the following:

North VirginiaLondon
North CaliforniaTokyo

How to set up Eventbridge and Eventbus Rule?

Let’s see step by step how to set up the event bridge in the console.

1. log in to the console and navigate to the event bridge.

2. You should see the home screen. Click on Event Buses and then on Create event bus.

EventBridge Creation
EventBridge Creation

2. Give a name to your event bridge and that’s it. You can see the event bridge successfully created below.

Eventbus Creation Step
Eventbus Creation Step

3. Now click on the event bus, this will push the messages to the event bridge as per the rule set by us.

Event Bus Rule
Event Bus Rule

4. Click on Create rule and fill up the details as per your required parameters.

Event Bus Rule Step 1
Event Bus Rule Detail

5. Set up the pattern of the event you would be receiving from the source in JSON format.

6. Select the target that would be storing the events, it can be an event bridge or even cloud watch logs as we can see in the below screenshot.

Eventbus Rule Step 2
Eventbus Rule Set Target

7. We have successfully created the event bus rule as we can see below. Now, whenever our source generated an event and it matched our defined pattern in the rule those events will land up in our cloud watch log group that we created.

EventBus Rule Created
EventBus Rule Created

FAQs of What Is AWS EventBridge

We want to answer a few of the most prominent FAQs of AWS Event Bridge, and the following are:    

Question 2: What Does AWS EventBridge Do?

AWS EventBridge provides you with the service of a serverless event bus, which dictates your data traffic.
It tells which data to go where and which to be withheld so that the operation of your business is adequately managed.

Question 3: What Conveniences Does AWS EventBridge Provide My Business?

There are many conveniences AWS EventBridge provides your business.

Its most important ones are managing events, sorting your data, and ensuring the best performance for your operation is achieved.

Question 4: How Many Other Services Are Compatible With AWS EventBridge?

Amazon web services or more commonly known by its acronym AWS offer over 90 plus AWS services that are compatible with AWS EventBridge.

They can be utilized for anything related to cloud computing hence they have amassed the reputation they enjoy today.

Question 5: What Time Does AWS EventBridge Take To Perform A Task?

AWS Event Bridge takes half a second at best to perform a task. However, depending on the circumstances, it can change.

Final Thoughts on AWS EventBridge

Launched in 2019 with great fanfare, AWS EventBridge is a serverless event bus service that can be defined as an orchestra conductor.

This service manages data, commands, and everything in between by only sharing information in necessary places. It helps everyone do their job correctly, which benefits your business.

However, there are still people unaware of AWS EventBridge’s services.

So to educate them in this What Is AWS EventBridge article, we have explained what they are, their pros, their cons, and everything in between.

We have even answered their most frequently asked questions, so go through it and tell us what you think about AWS EventBridge.

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