What Is Edge Location In AWS & Its Uses: Features, Pricing

In This AWS Edge Locations tutorial, we are going to explore What Is Edge Location In AWS, all its features, how it works, and other things below.

What Is Edge Location In AWS

Leveraged in conjunction with a global Content Delivery Network service called the AWS CloudFront service, Edge locations are deployed in highly populated areas and major cities around the globe to minimize latency for traffic served over CloudFront.

Although Edge Locations aren’t utilized to deploy an organization’s main infrastructures such as EBS Storage, RDS resources, VPCs, and EC2 instances, they’re used by AWS Lambda@Edge and AWS CloudFront to reduce latency and cache data to simply access end-users.

Let’s take an example to give you a better idea. Suppose you have your website hosted in S3 and EC2 instances within a Region in the US with an associated configured CloudFront distribution.

A user from Europe who attempts to access your website will be re-directed to a European Edge Location that’s nearest to them. From that Edge Location, the cache data will be read on your website, considerably reducing latency.

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What Is Edge Location In AWS FAQs

Q: Is An AWS Edge Location The Same As An Availability Zone?

While both AWS Availability Zones (AZ) and Edge Locations (EL) are AWS data centers, the former is primarily used for hosting a variety of use cases such as-

Servers, analytics, websitesBig Data processingapplications, and software, while the latter are used to cache the data to attain a better user experience with minimal latency.

Q: How Many Edge Locations And Regions Does AWS Have?

As mentioned earlier, there are currently 26 AWS Regions, with 8 more expected to be launched as per the announced plans.

As far as Edge Locations are concerned, there is 44 spread across the world.

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