Alibaba Cloud vs AWS: Who Is Better? Full Comparison Guide

Alibaba Cloud vs AWS has been a fierce debate. Do you know which one is better and offer you a better value deal? If you don’t, then read this to learn.

Three decades ago, even imagining that you would be able to operate your business worldwide with a few taps and clicks was a laughable idea. Today, these same features are the reality by which we work.

Regardless of where you are situated globally, denying the power of the Internet is a fool’s errand. The Internet has allowed us to expand to horizons we never thought were possible.

Two companies have made this journey convenient for businesses, and today we are comparing them to figure out which one is better in our comparison of cloud services wars.

So, without further ado, let’s compare Alibaba Cloud vs. AWS and AWS, Alibaba Cloud pros and cons, Similarities, and differences.

Alibaba Cloud vs AWS Explained

Alibaba and AWS are complete web services, but if you are a complete newbie to this topic and don’t know what they are, do not worry.

Complete web services aid in establishing an online business. These services allow you to develop a digital presence through various services.

You can create a website for your business, a mobile or web application, and even manage it to run smoothly. Web presence allows you to market your business more conveniently and cheaply worldwide.

Although there are many complete web services today, we focus on AWS, the most extensive web servicing platform, and Alibaba Cloud, Asia’s biggest complete web service.

Explaining Alibaba Cloud

You’re not alone if you live outside Asia and haven’t heard about Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Cloud is another complete web service that is not generally recognized in the United States.

But it is sweeping Asia like wildfire and giving Amazon Web Services headaches for control throughout Asia. Alibaba Cloud has become a leader in complete web services since its creation in 2009.

They serve thousands of corporations, government agencies, and developers in over 200 countries worldwide. Their better security and cheaper price points have made them a crowd favorite.

Explaining AWS (Amazon Web Services)

On the other hand, AWS, or Amazon Web Services is the biggest complete web service globally. They have been in this field for decades and are pioneers of all web technological advancements.

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They were the first company that started offering you a single platform to develop, enhance and manage your digital presence. They are the only service available globally and are the market leaders.

Who Has the Bigger Share in Cloud Service Wars?

Amazon Web Services has a market share of 33% in the complete web services market, whereas Alibaba only has a mere 5%. But the difference here is that AWS is an established service, whereas Alibaba is new.

On paper, their comparison makes no sense, but the reason people can’t get enough of their comparison is their potential. Both of these services are backed by two of the biggest companies.

AWS is owned by Amazon, the world’s biggest company. In comparison, the Alibaba cloud is owned by Alibaba–the Chinese equivalent of Amazon.

Similarities in Alibaba Cloud vs AWS Cloud Service Wars

Now let’s start their comparison by discussing their similarities and who offers a better deal. So, the following are the similarities between Alibaba Cloud vs. AWS Cloud Service:

Similar Services AWSAlibaba Cloud
Free Trial Service(12) Twelve-month free serviceLimited period for free services
Complete Web ServicesProvide multiple intertwined servicesMultiple services from the development to deployment
Low Price High-Value ServicesValue for money servicesLow prices and high-value services

Free Trial Service

Both of these services offer a free trial to their new customers, but the terms and conditions of these trials are vastly different. Therefore, let’s discuss what they offer and which is a better deal.

AWS offers you a twelve-month free service, but most of their products are a tease of what their customer can have if they go with the professional subscription.

On the other hand, Alibaba offers a smaller duration and access to fewer services, but they stand out by offering complete access and ease of use.

Alibaba wants you to join their service for an enhanced experience, whereas AWS wants you to join on potential. People know what they are signing up for when they sign up for Alibaba; the same cannot be said for AWS.

Complete Web Services

The other similarity between both services is that they are complete web services. They can handle everything from the development of your application to its deployment.

AWS offers a better deal for them, we believe this because they provide multiple intertwined services. You can work on these services simultaneously to reduce the development and deployment time.

Low Price High-Value Services

The third similar feature both of them possess is the ability to provide you with low prices and high-value service. All major complete web services offer this because they want clients to only work with them.

In comparing this similarity, we again feel AWS offers the better value because the more services you use, the better and higher discounts they offer instead of the ala carte Alibaba cloud.

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Differences Between Alibaba Cloud vs AWS Cloud Service Wars

Moving on to the differences between Alibaba Cloud vs. AWS, the following are the starkest differences. After highlighting, we will also compare which difference is of better value.

DifferencesAWSAlibaba Cloud
Service AvailabilityAvailable for 24 regions and 77 zonesAvailable for 22 regions and 63 zones
Payment OptionsDoes not have many optionsMultiple payment options
PricingHigh prices and more service valueLow prices

AWS is Available Worldwide Alibaba Cloud Isn’t

AWS is available in 31 regions and 99 zones, whereas the Alibaba cloud is only available in twenty-two regions and sixty-three zones. Hence, AWS is more widely available than the Alibaba cloud.

Availability comparison has multiple factors we need to incorporate before deciding which is better because availability does not only mean whether you can work on them in your country or not.

It also has to do with the backup of the data you can store and how quickly you can access it in an emergency. We believe AWS serves you better because you can work in more places with them.

They also allow you to have a more robust backup when an emergency occurs. They prepare and place copies of your data in nearby regions, which they serve when needed. Alibaba doesn’t offer this facility.

Alibaba Cloud Offers Multiple Payment Options AWS Doesn’t

The next major difference between both services is that Alibaba offers you multiple payment options like paying for what you use or paying a flat subscription.

On the other hand, AWS only offers you one payment method in which you pay for what you use. You do not have the luxury to choose AWS as with the Alibaba cloud.

We feel adaptability makes the Alibaba cloud offer better and of more value because these options can serve multiple clients who prefer to pay as they feel like not what they’re told.

Pricing Strategies: Alibaba Cloud Vs AWS Pricing

The third difference between them is their pricing strategies. AWS prefers you use as many of its services as possible. Hence, they offer more significant discounts when you use more of them.

Alibaba does not follow this strategy and asks you to pay for any service you use, whether they are interconnected or not. They offer lower rates than AWS but do not believe in packages as AWS does.

Therefore, we feel AWS offers a better value deal in this comparison. This difference is a major reason why AWS is still a market leader because the sweeter deal you’ll provide, the more people will buy.

Is East vs. West A Contributing Factor in Alibaba Cloud and AWS Cloud Comparison?

East vs. West is the primary contributing factor in every comparison of Alibaba Cloud vs. AWS. Alibaba Cloud is a Chinese-owned company, whereas AWS is American, so their cold war undertones play here.

The rise of China has witnessed an increase in global reliance – a position that has historically been captured by the US. This has developed a uber-competitive spirit between them where both countries want to one-up each other.

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Competing for two of the most extensive and complete web service companies is no different. And like everything else, whenever China and the US are involved in anything, it boils down to East vs. West.

1. Availability

AWS has better availability worldwide as it is available in more regions, zones, and continents.

2. Reliability

AWS offers better reliability because of its wider availability. AWS offers a higher quality of service because of its extensive reach.

3. Value For Money

AWS again wins this because the discounts they can offer are unrivaled. Although the head-to-head rates of Alibaba are way low, their lack of package ability makes them expensive in the end.

4. Security

Alibaba Cloud has more robust security because they operate in a country where no online attacks can be penetrated. They have mastered the art of privacy protection unless they want you to know something you won’t be able to know.

5. Overall As A Package?

AWS as a package is the clear winner because it offers almost everything better than Alibaba Cloud. But Alibaba is rapidly catching up with them, and in the next five years, the pendulum of control will swing.

Alibaba Cloud vs AWS: Which Service is Better FAQs?

The following are the frequently asked questions on various factors to which we can decide which service is better:

Q: Who Has A Better Growth Opportunity?

AWS is available worldwide and is the market leader by a long margin.

Still, if you compare who has a better future, then Alibaba Cloud is undoubtedly in a better position to reign king in the near future.

Alibaba has a vast Chinese and Asian market, and the sooner it expands to the West, it will give AWS a tough time, and due to more robust security and cheaper value, it will eventually win.

Q: Which Service Offers a Better Value Deal?

As of 2022, AWS offers a better value deal because they offer discounts based on how frequently you use their services.

They design their services in a way that you use multiple of them.

As far as Alibaba’s cloud pricing is concerned, it does not follow this format; hence, they face problems expanding in the West because they want value in every decision and do not want to pay premium prices.

Q: Which Service Should You Opt For?

If you are looking for a future-proof service, your answer is Alibaba Cloud, but if the current value for money is what you are looking for, then go with AWS.

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Final Thoughts

Alibaba Cloud vs. AWS has been and will remain a fiercely debated topic. We have tried to provide you with an update on 2023 through this article.

Let us know what you think about them and their future in the comments section.

Keep Clouding!!

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