What Is AWS Macie: 12 Benefits, Use Cases + How It Works

Are you looking to achieve high security for your systems? Read on to know What Is AWS Macie and how AWS Macie can make that happen and decide if it’s the right solution for you.

As an IT professional, you’re likely familiar with Amazon Macie, but do you know how to use it to its full potential? This comprehensive guide will enlighten you on everything about Amazon Macie.

After reading this guide, you’ll be able to use Amazon Macie to protect your organization’s data from malicious attacks and unauthorized access. You’ll study:

  • What is AWS Macie?
  • How AWS Macie Works
  • Benefits of AWS Macie
  • Use-Cases of AWS Macie
  • Comparing AWS Macie With GuardDuty
  • AWS Macie FAQs

What is AWS Macie?

AWS Macie is a security service that helps you achieve data protection in the cloud.

It relies on machine learning to track, categorize, and safeguard critical data automatically in your Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment.

With Macie, you can be confident that your data is safe and secure while still being able to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud.

How AWS Macie Works

To ensure robust security, AWS Macie relies on the following key features:

Macie Summary Dashboard

The Macie Summary Dashboard gives you an overview of the findings that were generated in the last 30 days, including a trend line of finding counts over time.

You can use the dashboard to quickly identify and investigate potential security risks in the AWS setting.

Macie Jobs

The Macie Jobs Dashboard provides you with information about the status of all Macie jobs, including run time, findings generated, and the number of objects scanned.

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You can use the dashboard to investigate potential security threats in the AWS setting.

Macie Findings

The Macie Findings Dashboard provides you with information about the findings generated by Macie, including the types of findings, the number of findings, and the time period in which the findings were generated.

You can use the dashboard to investigate potential security vulnerabilities in the AWS environment.

12 Top Benefits of AWS Macie

The following are some highly sought-after benefits of AWS Macie:

1. Data Visibility

Amazon Macie provides comprehensive visibility into data stored in AWS. This includes metadata, such as file size and creation date, as well as the content of the files themselves.

Security Insights – Amazon Macie uses machine learning to analyze data and identify possible security risks.

It can provide insights into areas such as data leakage and unauthorized access attempts. This should improve your organization’s security posture by identifying and remediating risks.

2. User Behavior Analytics

Amazon Macie can also be used to monitor user behavior, thereby helping to discover possible security risks, such as data exfiltration attempts.

Additionally, it can help you to understand how your data is being used and identify potential misuse.

3. Automated Workflows

Amazon Macie can be integrated into your organization’s existing workflows. This includes automated security audits and reporting. Additionally, it can help you to enforce data security policies.

4. Automatic Alert Categories

Amazon Macie can automatically categorize data based on sensitivity levels.

This includes Intellectual Property (IP), Protected Health Information (PHI), and Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

This should help you to easily identify and protect sensitive data.

AWS Macie uses machine learning to automatically discover, classify, and protect sensitive data in AWS.

With Macie, you can detect potential data breaches and data leaks by identifying sensitive data that is unexpectedly exposed.

You can also monitor access to your sensitive data, and detect unusual activity that could indicate a security incident.

5. Constant Monitoring of S3 Buckets

AWS Macie constantly monitors all the S3 buckets in your account and alerts you of any suspicious or unauthorized activity.

It can detect sensitive data such as PII (Personally Identifiable Information) or PCI (Payment Card Industry) data in your S3 buckets and alert you of any unauthorized access.

6. Customized Sensitive Data Types

AWS Macie allows you to create custom-sensitive data types specific to your organization. This means that you can be alerted as soon as any sensitive data is accessed or uploaded without your permission.

7. Machine-learning algorithms

AWS Macie uses machine-learning algorithms to automatically learn and recognize sensitive data types in your account.

This means that you can be alerted of any suspicious activity involving your sensitive data, even if it has never been seen before.

8. Easy to Set Up

Setting up Macie is quite easy. All you need to do is create an IAM role and specify the S3 buckets that you want to monitor.

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9. Comprehensive Reporting

Macie provides comprehensive reports that give you visibility into all the suspicious or unauthorized activity in your account.

10. Reduced Costs

By monitoring your S3 buckets for suspicious or unauthorized activity, Macie can help you reduce your AWS costs.

11. Data Classification and Tagging

AWS Macie relies on machine learning to classify data stored in S3 buckets and identify sensitive data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and so on automatically.

It also allows you to tag data for easy organization and searching.

12. Security Policy Enforcement

With AWS Macie, you can enforce security policies that prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. You may also set up alerts to get notified of any suspicious or unauthorized activity.

Use Cases of AWS Macie

Some use cases of AWS Macie include:

Ensuring Compliance With Data Privacy Regulations

AWS Macie can help you comply with data privacy regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), by identifying and classifying personal data.

With Macie, you can be sure that your sensitive data is properly secured, and you can detect and respond to potential data privacy violations.

Finding Your Sensitive Data on a Large Scale

When you have large-scale systems, it can be difficult to track down where all of your sensitive data is stored.

This is where AWS Macie comes in, allowing you to quickly and easily find and protect your sensitive data on AWS.

Simplifying Data Security and Privacy for Hybrid Cloud Environments

AWS Macie can help you secure and protect data in hybrid cloud environments.

By identifying and classifying sensitive data in both on-premises and cloud environments, Macie can help you ensure that your data is properly secured across your entire organization.

Macie can also help you simplify data security and privacy compliance by providing a unified view of your sensitive data.

Detecting and Responding to Potential Security Incidents

AWS Macie can help you detect and respond to potential security incidents by monitoring access to your sensitive data.

With Macie, you can detect unusual activity that could indicate a security incident, and you can investigate and respond to potential threats.

Can AWS Macie Be Integrated With AWS Security Hub?

Yes, you can integrate Macie with AWS Security Hub. This integration provides you with an extra layer of visibility into the security of your AWS environment.

In the AWS environment, the security hub is the single location where you can aggregate, prioritize, and organize the security findings and warnings from the various AWS security services.

How Much Does AWS Macie Cost?

AWS Macie pricing is simple. Your account will get a 30-day free trial that comes with an S3 bucket assessment.

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Plus, every month, you’re given sensitive data discovery of up to 1 GB for free. The pricing remains the same for all regions of AWS. For all buckets, evaluation for the first 30 days is also free.

Your monthly cost is determined by the evaluated amount of AWS S3 buckets. After the trial period, you’ll pay $0.10 per S3 bucket on a monthly basis.

For sensitive data discovery, the processing cost of an enormous amount of data tends to vary by the AWS region.

For more updated AWS Macie Pricing check it here.

What Kind of Data Does AWS Macie Identify?

AWS Macie uses machine learning to identify data that is sensitive in the AWS setting.

This includes Personally Identifiable Information (PII), such as names and addresses, as well as other types of data that may be subject to compliance regulations, such as financial information or health records.

Macie can also help you to discover data that is publicly accessible but should be kept private, such as internal company documents that have been unintentionally exposed.

By identifying and classifying sensitive data, Macie can help you to better protect your AWS environment and meet your compliance obligations.

AWS Macie VS Inspector

While both are security services in AWS, still there are differences between them. Let us try to find those.

Security service that does data classification using Machine learningThis is also a security service that does a vulnerability system in your AWS system
Can identify sensitive data that helps protect the data from wrong handsIt scans your environment and recommends fixes for the security flaws that you have in your setup
Can identify sensitive data that helps protect the data from the wrong handsIt helps companies secure their environment as per security compliance recommended by HIPAA

AWS Macie vs guardduty

AWS Macie and GuardDuty are both security tools that can help you protect your data and resources in the cloud. However, there are some differences between the two.

AWS Macie is specifically designed to safeguard the stored data in Amazon S3GuardDuty can protect data stored in any type of cloud storage, including Amazon S3
AWS Macie also offers more comprehensive data protection capabilities than GuardDuty.GuardDuty is still a valuable security service that helps you safeguard your data in the cloud
AWS Macie is a paid service. This means that Macie provides more features and benefits than GuardDuty, but it also comes at a higher costGuardDuty is free to use

How to setup Macie using Terraform?

So below is the code snippet that you can use to set up Macie to scan your S3 bucket fro any credit card number.

AWS Macie Terraform Code
AWS Macie Terraform Code

What Are AWS Macie FAQs

Q: Is AWS Macie Designed Only for S3?

While Additional AWS Data Stores Are Planned, AWS Macie Currently Only Supports S3 Or The Amazon Simple Storage Service.

Q: Is AWS Macie A Regional Service?

Yes, AWS Macie is a regional service. This means that it is available in select AWS Regions only.

This ensures that the analyzed data doesn’t cross AWS regional boundaries and stays in the regions.

Q: What are AWS Macie services?

AWS Macie is a Machine Learning algorithm service that finds sensitive information from the data that you have stored in the S3 bucket.

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